This is aimed at helping clients develop a strategic communication framework that spans branding, media relations, advertising, internal communications, marketing communication, CSR & stakeholder engagement, crisis communication and digital media. This framework is aligned to the business and marketing plan of the client to establish both visibility and reputation besides help managing the environment in which the client is operating. 

This framework is designed with a defined timeline and activity calendar that encompasses the different verticals of a comprehensive communication platform. The objective of developing the framework is to ensure that a common thread runs across the verticals for seamless messaging platform to deliver uniform communication.

Planning & Review mechanism

Any communication framework needs to follow an organized planning and review mechanism to ensure its on track. The annual media plan is broken into bi-annual, quarterly, monthly and weekly activities that are reviewed accordingly. Iterations are incorporated based on the changing business environment in which client is operating – it keeps the continuity and also ensures that the plan is on track and stays relevant.

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