Engagement Model

The engagement model for hiring our services is based on requirement & scope of work. Typically, we work on three models:


This is one-time task executed according to client brief, for e.g. development of a website with social media, scale model for a firm or conducting a press conference. They can also be part of the business consulting services where a client is looking for a specific task or service and willing to hire us as he either doesn’t know nor has the time to scout for a partner to execute the same, for e.g. funding from VC/PE firms


This is a short-term engagement with minimum three months for client to understand the need for developing a strategic communication framework and building trust between both sides. These can be simple mandates for a specific purpose and/or issue and crisis communication mandates that are short term engagements to handle a particular issue or crisis impacting the client image & reputation and brand value


This is a long-term relationship of minimum 6-12 months and extended further on mutual understanding. This is for clients who value and understand the need for public relations and communications. These mandates involve going through the development of the entire strategic communication framework that pans all verticals described above with defined objectives to be executed within a specified timeline. Retainer clients have a longer term vision on the deliverables of communication and impact on the company brand value.

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